integral particular

particular integral

Diccionario Español-Inglés Matemáticas. . 1964.

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  • Integral ecology — is an emerging field that applies Ken Wilber s integral theory to environmental studies and ecological research. The field has been pioneered since the late 1990s by integral theorist Sean Esbjörn Hargens and environmental philosopher Michael E.… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral energy — is the amount of energy required to remove water from an initial water content heta i to water content of heta f (where heta i > heta f). It is calculated by integrating the water retention curve, soil water potential psi( heta) with respect to… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral — This article is about the concept of integrals in calculus. For the set of numbers, see integer. For other uses, see Integral (disambiguation). A definite integral of a function can be represented as the signed area of the region bounded by its… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral domain — In abstract algebra, an integral domain is a commutative ring that has no zero divisors,[1] and which is not the trivial ring {0}. It is usually assumed that commutative rings and integral domains have a multiplicative identity even though this… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral element — In commutative algebra, an element b of a commutative ring B is said to be integral over its subring A if there are such that That is to say, b is a root of a monic polynomial over A.[1] If B consists of elements that are integral over A, then B… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral Institute — The Integral Institute is a think tank founded in 1998 by American philosopher, psychologist, and mystic Ken Wilber. The purpose of the Institute is to gather and attempt to integrate the various viewpoints found in a number of major fields of… …   Wikipedia

  • Integral de Lebesgue — La integral de una función no negativa puede ser interpretada como el área bajo la curva. En matemática, la integración de una función no negativa (por considerar el caso más simple) puede considerarse como el área entre la gráfica de una curva y …   Wikipedia Español

  • Integral transform — In mathematics, an integral transform is any transform T of the following form:: (Tf)(u) = int {t 1}^{t 2} K(t, u), f(t), dt.The input of this transform is a function f , and the output is another function Tf . An integral transform is a… …   Wikipedia

  • integral reality —    by William Pawlett   The notion of integral reality appeared relatively late in Baudrillard s career, becoming important thematically in The Perfect Crime (1996c [1995a]) and discussed in detail in his final major work The Intelligence of Evil …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • Integral elíptica de segunda especie — Una Integral elíptica de segunda especie es un caso particular de la integral elíptica. Integral elíptica completa de segunda especie La integral elíptica completa de segunda especie E se define como: Esta integral elíptica de segunda especie es… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Integral elíptica de primera especie — Una integral elíptica de primera especie es un caso particular de la integral elíptica. Existen integrales elípticas de primera especie, completas e incompletas. Las primeras dependen de una sola variable y las segundas dependen de dos variables …   Wikipedia Español

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